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The Tomlinson Family started Home of the Brave Brewing Company to serve America’s Finest while Remembering, Honoring, and Saluting the United States Military.
We brew the finest hand-crafted beer for our troops and patriotic Americans.  Our delicious
Pilot Pale Ale and 442 Go for Broke are brewed in the former Home of the Brave Victory Club
below the nostalgic Wiki Waki Woo 1940’s Tropical Bar & lounge.  Our USO style
hangout has hosted GI’s & dignitaries from around the globe for 25 years! 

Take a sentimental journey back in time in our Brewseum while enjoying the freshest brewed craft beer on island.  Visit www.Brewseums.com for more information.

75th Anniversary Commemorative Beers 

In conjunction with the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary, Home of the Brave Brewing Company will brew 12 unique, limited release beers throughout the year. Starting in December 2016 and continuing to December 7th, 2017,  each exclusive brew reveals a fascinating WWII story to be showcased the first Sunday of the month at the Home of the Brave Museum during a dinner release party.

Remember Pearl Harbor Mighty American Ale

This year we showcase and celebrate the accomplishments and sacrifices of America’s Greatest Generation with Home of the Brave’s Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Mighty American Ale!  Joining forces with Lanikai Brewing Co., HOTBBC proudly dedicates this collaborative brew to our American Hero’s who have fought and sacrificed for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today.  Its been said of our WWII Veterans and workers on the Home Front, that these were “the young men and women that saved the world."  Lest we forget, let us all REMEMBER, HONOR, & SALUTE our Brave Men and Women in our Armed Forces past and present!

Taylor & Welch Pilot Pale Ale


Home of the Brave Brewing Company’s flagship beer honors our WWII Aviators and remembers the incredible story of two brave pilots. Stationed at Wheeler Field with the 47th Pursuit Squadron, Lieutenants Ken Taylor and George Welch were the first airmen to take to the skies on December 7, 1941, and became America’s first fighter aces of the war.  Completely outnumbered and flying against incredible odds, the two shot down four enemy aircraft each, earning the Distinguished Service Cross.

Wiki Waki Woo Brew Passionfruit Papaya Wheat


Love stories of wartime romances provided hope to our nation and reminded our men what they were fighting for during this difficult and tumultuous time. America’s courageous women played a key role both in combat and on the Home Front—from nurses and mechanics to Rosie the Riveter and pin-up girls. The iconic VJ-Day kiss photo at Time Square represented the end of WWII and happier times ahead.

Charlie Brown - Brown Ale


Inspired by an unbelievable yet true story of courage, honor and friendship: An American B-17 pilot and German Luftwafffe pilot became friends after being mortal enemies over the skies of Germany during WWII. Their actions would save the lives of their crew and forge a lifetime bond between them

John Finn Golden Mango


The heroic John Finn was a great friend of Home of the Brave and America’s first medal of honor recipient of WWII. On December 7, 1941, John refused to leave his makeshift post on the seaplane ramp at Kaneohe NAS, firing a 50-caliber machine gun at the attacking Japanese aircraft. Though badly wounded, he continued the fight and helped arm the surviving American planes for battle.

442 Go for Broke Ale


Hawaii’s legendary 442 Regimental Combat Team and the 100th Infantry Battalion became the most decorated unit in American military history for its size and length of service. The most famous of the 442nd accomplishments was the heroic rescue of the Texas "Lost Battalion,” who were caught behind enemy lines. In a ferocious battle, the 442nd suffered over 800 casualties to rescue 211 members of the Texas battalion.

A tropical American Amber Ale with Strong Citrus fruity tones.  

Brewed and dry hopped with 5 sensational hop varieties.    

IBU: 50    ABV: 7.0

D-Day India Pale Ale


June 6, 1944, was a tremendous victory and the turning point of WWII on the European front.  Allied soldiers suffered over 10,000 casualties. The Normandy landings were the largest seaborne and airborne invasion in history, with nearly 5,000 landing and assault craft, 289 escort vessels, and 277 minesweepers. Over a million American, British, Canadian, Polish and French troops fought in the Battle of Normandy.

PT-109 Kolsch


President John F. Kennedy was serving as commander of the PT-109 torpedo boat in the Solomon Islands when his ship was rammed by a Japanese destroyer. For 12 hours, Kennedy and his crew clung to the wrecked hull before he ordered them to abandon ship. Kennedy and the other good swimmers placed the injured men on a makeshift raft, taking turns pushing and towing the raft four miles to safety to a nearby island. They were rescued six days later.

Tally Ho Wit Peach


In 1944, Lord James “Tally Ho” Blears, a local surfing legend and personality in Hawaii, was on a Dutch Merchant Ship in the Pacific. After his vessel was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, he was taken prisoner. As the Japanese began executing their captors, Tally Ho ran for his escape, dodging bullets and machine gun fire, and jumped off the sub. He swam back to the site of his ship’s wreckage, found a makeshift raft where he and a few others were eventually rescued. A can of peaches was the first food he received after his rescue.

Zamperini Extra Special Bitter


Depicted in the book and Hollywood movie “Unbroken,” Louis Zamperini was an Olympic track runner who enlisted in the Army Air Corps and became a B-24 navigator stationed in Hawaii. On a failed rescue mission, his aircraft went down and three of his crew spent 47 days adrift in the Pacific. Taken capture by the Japanese, Zamperini was starved and severely tortured. He endured and became an inspiration to his men and the nation for his courageous and undaunted character.

Code Talker Ginger Guava Ale


Honoring our Native American Navajo code talkers who served courageously with all six divisions of the U.S. Marines in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Their code was never broken and was used to intercept, and decode, American military messages. “Were it not for the Navajos, the Marines would never have taken Iwo Jima!” - Major Howard M. Conner.

Soldier Bear Stout


Soldier Bear Stout celebrates a remarkable Polish artillery soldier who fought in the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1942. Private Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear who was more than just a mascot to his comrades. He drank beer, smoked cigarettes, and saluted when greeted. He carried 100-pound ammunition boxes during the battle and became the inspiration for the 22nd Artillery Company insignia.

Tannebaum Ale Spice Beer


On a cold starry night in the German Ardennes Forest on Christmas Eve 1944, a group of lost and injured American and German soldiers agreed to a truce and put down their guns. In a small hunting cottage a young boy and his mother hosted the enemy soldiers and prepared a hot meal for them.  At day break they exchanged Christmas greetings and departed. That young boy grew up to be a baker and moved to Hawaii, where he established a well-loved Honolulu bakery—Fritz’s Bakery. Our spiced holiday ale celebrates the night that “God came to dinner.” 

Home of the Brave Brewing Company, Honolulu  Hawaii